Sunday, 23 December 2012

This is a great resource. The steps break down blogging so that it can be easily used with students. The inclusion of videos, visual resources and delivery ideas is helpful and appeals to a range of learners.
I would be looking to get students to critically analyse professional works/works of other choreographers (either on youtube or other students) and discuss the expressive intentions in these works. With the aim for the students to justify what they thought the expressive intention is, through giving descriptive and clear movement/technical production aspect examples, in their comments. I would be aiming for issoudun students to develop this as part of their appreciation tasks.
The time frame that was given to the Primary school students in Ms Yollis's class to learn commenting skills, may not be possible with my class. But as the students are in secondary school and I am looking to have students use these skills within a specific subject/topic, the time could be minimised and the content streamlined within the selected area.
Further development within the course to come...

Have you read this document on 'How to Teach Commenting Skills?
What are your thoughts on the steps?

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